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Data-driven analysis married to compelling, emotive content. Take your political campaign to the next level.

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Expert Anaysis

Big data for people with big dreams
The twenty-first century has become old news. We can help you find ways to stay on the cutting-edge, or to quickly catch up if you need it.

Telling Your Story

Your campaign
is unique
Chasing national stories can only get you so far. If you want to become the center of the conversation, you have to be able to trade on your story and the story of the organization you have built

Media Placement

Targeted Campaigns, Advanced Methods
We have placed stories on network and cable television news, national news standard bearers, local outlets, and in the feeds of social-media influencers. We are glad to help small and large organizations both.

What is SU3 Media Group?

Smart content + smart targeting == smarter sales

  1. A boutique agency that focuses on:
    1. Creative content production (video, copy, celluloid)
    2. Algorithmic targeting and data analysis.
  2. A term from Lie Algebra
  3. (Stevens x Umana x Associates) ^ 3
  4. An easy way to get media attention for your ideas
  5. The most cost-effective way to feel like you have a Jetsons-mobile for your goals.

We want to help you: DREAM, HELP OTHERS, WIN