Jonathan Stevens is an applied-mathematics quantitative analyst (aka “quant”) and he has been a political operative for 8 years and 12 campaigns

Praised by peers and academics as one of the top quantitative talents to come out of Princeton University in the 1990s, he began his academic career in physics and has an A.B. in chemistry. He worked in research labs as a biophysicist and chemist but eventually quit the field because of the success of his entrepreneurial endeavors. After success in real-estate and founding his own investment firm, he took a brief sabbatical in his late 20s. Since 2004 he has been a consultant and/or operative in politics and quantitative analysis.

His consulting clients have ranged from Goldman Sachs traders to high tech start-ups to congressional campaigns. Having grown up in Washington, DC, Mr. Stevens often describes politics as his hometown’s “town factory” and has always felt pulled to use his talents in the political arena. Stevens is a friend and supporter of Democrats across many regions of the state and nation.